Euphemism of the evening (actually spoken by yours truly):

“I need to go conjugate my verbs.”

In other news, in relation to a recent post by Chris
The American Military Operation Name Generating Device!

Filled with euphemisms such as:

  • Operation World-Destroying Beaver
  • Operation Bowel-Loosening Peach
  • Operation Sexually Ambiguous Cobra
  • Operation Thrusting Uniform
  • Operation Engorged Infidel
  • Operation Bursting Privet Bush

And the non-euphemistic favorite:

  • Operation You May Want to Stand Back From Our Prophet”.

(link via Mark)

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  1. 🙁

    Beavers are peaceful creatures who only want to help mankind by overseeing our waterways and rescuing small children from drwoning.

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