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I’m gettin’ a 20GB iPod tomorrow. w00t!

Gotta love the craigslist community. I found this unused iPod for a good price. I’ve sold my laserdisc collection (and even the busted player!), found an external frame backpack for bex, and I’m still looking for offers on my old Rio 600 MP3 player and Visor Platinum. Anyone interested? I gotta go through the rest of my junk and sell it now… I’ve been putting it off for too long, and the junk has just been piling up. I’m sure many of you can sympathize with that. How many of you have a “potential eBay item” backlog?

I’m distracted by the thought of 20 gigs of portable audio goodness… I can’t wait to pile my entire library onto the iPod, and then some.

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