let me hear your body talk

A surefire winter blues killer is to exercise.

I know, I just said a bad word, in terms of us pale computer geeks. Heaven forbid.

K and I have been really tired, really run down, really stressed and off and on depressed. You can’t chalk that up to just the winter blues. We openly admit that we are out of shape and barely energetic. The ocassional hike is just not good enough to keep us going day to day.

I don’t really like gyms, because they’ve always ended up becoming pick-up joints where everyone dresses to impress and people hit on you at the water fountain. I kinda like all-female gyms, but there aren’t any close to us. So yeah, we’re going to buy an in-home exercise machine. Weee.

We’ve been keeping our eyes out for a good price on an Elliptical exercise machine, because we both have knee problems. Man, those things can get pricey! We finally found one of these yesterday on Craigslist for $250, and we’re gonna take the plunge. We need it.

Props to Nala for reminding me that exercise is a good mood-blaster!

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