caffe poseur

Earlier today, I was rushing to get to my Photo History class, and had maybe two minutes to spare. I was still feeling laggy from staying up late playing TSO (oops) and getting some pretty poor sleep last night due to a certain someone with a knack for loud breathing passages.

I was desperate. I needed caffeine.

I hit the drive-through Starbucks. It’s been about two months since I weakened under the same pressure.

It was unsettling, but I pressed on. I looked on the floor of the passenger side of the car, and saw a loose Peet’s sleeve lying there, unused and lonely. I slipped it around the hot cup o’ mocha and was off to class. There I was, trying to pass off a cup of Starbucks as a Peet’s cup. How sad was I?

Forgive me, o Peet’s of my heart.

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