signoff: KitchenSink (broken pipe)

Disclaimer: The following is not an exciting story, but just some venting of frustration. Feel free to skim.

We’ve had this clog in our kitchen sink for a coupla weeks now. I take responsibility for this one, cos it started after I stuffed some pumpkin guts down the garbage disposal. Not a lot of pumpkin guts, mind you, and I also took care to run the disposal every time I put a scoop full of the orange pulpy mess in there.

Yes, I know, I shouldn’t do that again. I don’t know why I did it… the 4 previous pumpkins had their guts stuffed into the trash can.

Anyways, the water has been running really slow since then. We used the Drano… twice. Maybe even more over the past coupla weeks. I now know that this is not a good idea. Not only could this junk eat away at the plumbing, but the fumes can be nasty, and the chemicals aren’t exactly earth friendly. Couldn’t afford a plumber just yet… so we just dealt with the slow running drain for a few weeks.

Last night, we ran the dishwasher. I think that this was the breaking point for the ol’ kitchen sink. The basins filled up *completely* and didn’t look like it was gonna drain. Lovely. I carried buckets of the murky water to the bathroom to dump it into the toilet. Gross. Once down to a managable depth, I stuffed a towel down into the disposal and started plunging the other basin. A little better, but draining was still extremely slow.

Next came the run to OSH. I picked up a plumber’s snake and a Drain King to try to do this myself.

This project was over as soon as it started. I had K help me feed the plumber’s snake through the drain, only to be greeted by a puddle of water at our feet within seconds.

Oh crap.

The snake had broken straight through through the U-pipe. Happy day.

The pipe was so thin and brittle, I thought it was cheap plastic. Turns out that the pipe is really brass, and it was really really old. We have the plumber here now trying to remedy the situation.

At least we get to deduct this from the rent now.

Happy Friday!

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