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Last night, I spent the evening with Andy and Mish… had a quick BBQ dinner and watched Andy kick some good roller hockey boo-tay. ‘Twas a good evening. The funny thing was, right before I got to their house (spending 40 minutes in rush-hour traffic from Santa Clara to SAN JOSE, for chrissakes), the alarm on my Treo went off. What could it be?

I had forgotten that many many months ago (try sometime in the beginning of summer), I had discovered that my culinary hero, Alton Brown, was going to be in Los Gatos. Argh! But being the good friend I am(!), I decided to stick with my plan to go watch the hockey game.

It wasn’t a big loss, really. I had a lot of fun, and forgot about my frustration with the traffic and missing out on Mr. Brown.

So where does this tie in for today, you ask? Yeah, I’m getting to that.

Today, I spent a lot of the day catching up on the school work that I had put off for the past coupla days… yeah, I know I’m bad. I’ve been slacking cos I’ve been outta sorts since Kev has been outta town. Amazing how I’ve watched more teevee in the past 3 days than I have in the past 3 months. So today, I was pretty good about working on my studies, and not doing any blog reading or surfing until noon (taking a page from Ealasaid‘s book).

I had class this evening, and I was all done with my work, ready to go. So then I start doing my blog reads and some various site surfing. I happened upon this page on Mr. Brown’s site, and discovered that he had yet another appearance in the Bay Area, but farther away than last night. Hrrm. Should I stay or shall I go? I thought that I’d be a good girl and head off to class… do the right thing. Yay me, good for me.

I drive to Cupertino, to discover class was cancelled. Blah. Hence tonight’s rant. I was just trying to do the right thing!

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