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Airport job insecurity: When feds take over, many Filipino screeners will be unemployed.

I find the focus of this article kinda funny. It’s true, pretty much all the security screeners at SFO are Filipino… my family has made many the off-color cracks like “nosy pilipinos, always in your business”. I know, but hey, it’s our own kind, we’re allowed, right? 😉

But seriously, folks, I find it a little scary that there were over one thousand NON-CITIZEN security screeners working at airports around the bay area. I had no idea… that’s a LOT. I think that this is a job more suited for trained citizens that can communicate well with the people they deal with every day.

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  1. Call me cu-ra-zee, but I’m thinkin’ one non-citizen screener is too many. I’m sure 99.999% of non-citizens have no intention of doing anything to harm anyone. But still, that particular job is too important to leave to chance. Of course, I know some *citizens* that I wouldn’t trust to make me a burger, let alone secure an aircraft. 😉

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