Sad Mac

No, I didn’t get the dreaded Sad Mac icon, but I do have a sad mac today. My Titanium PowerBook G4/400, to be exact.

Read some of the grisly details (and some relevant discussion) on this thread on the MacNN Forums from a little while back. Here’s the screenshot of what the Ti eventually regresses into… it is only now a mere few minutes before this happens these days. Is it possible that trying to install Jaguar fried my VRAM? Say it isn’t so! 🙁

Anyone out there have any idea what could be going on? This is messed up, man.

Well, I don’t have that AppleCare for nuthin’… gotta use it now!

But sleep first, would be good.

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One thought on “Sad Mac”

  1. Sorry to hear about the sad Mac icon on your TG4. I am still salivating at the thought of getting one, though I may have to be happy with an iBook. Right now, my trusty Powerbook 5300cs is doin’t the job.

    As I am waiting for your popup image to come up, I just read an article somewhere that the ‘sad Mac’ icon is different now…if memory serves me correctly. In any event, hope AppleCare does what you’ve paid for it to do…

    -> F!

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