let the sun shine in

I know that autumn is upon us, which means colder climates and shorter days. But I’ve recently become quite attached to the sun lately. You know, that mass of incadescent gas, that gigantic nuclear furnace.

Last week, we opened up all the window coverings. The blinds, the curtains, everything. I had forgotten what an amazing difference that light makes in all the rooms. The house seems more open, inviting, and cheerful. Never mind that it was dark and lit by the blue glow of numerous computer monitors. Here comes the sun!

I also recently took down these ugly-ass plastic vertical blinds that the landlord installed over the sliding glass door in the dining room, and put up some cotton curtains… the rooms looks lovely with the sun peeking through them, and when the door is open, the wind gently puffing the curtains up is a lot more soothing than the CLACK CLACK of the damned blinds. I’m making a vow to take out all the blinds in the house. I hate blinds… vertical or horizontal, plastic or metal. Bleh.

But back to the subject of the sun… I’m savoring it all I can before daylight savings is upon us. I’m more than ready for the brisk days of autumn and winter. I love a sunny day that’s a bit breezy and cool… perfect for a walk. Geocaching will also be a whole lot more enjoyable for me now, with the colors changing and the weather easing up. Can’t wait! Bring out the sweaters, the scarves, and the hot cider!

Race ya to the leaf pile! 😉

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