Sorry that there hasn’t been a lot of bloggage happening at this site in the past few days… real life calls. Being back at school, handling some freelance jobs, as well as maintaining a household kinda distracts me from the real fun stuff. 😉

There have been some updates to the link weblog… new entries, as well as a link submission window. Send me your fun, weird and interesting links!

If you were wondering who the cute little girl is that has been on the webcam still for a few days, it’s my niece Maddie (Madeline). Isn’t she a cutie? She came for a visit this past Saturday. Just so you know, I didn’t shrink into a 2 year old.

Halloween is upon us… we’re gonna go to a REAL pumpkin patch in Half Moon Bay this weekend, I think, and hand pick our punkins from the field. I’m pondering a cool pattern to put on my pumpkin for this year. This one is just downright frightening… and you can’t scare the kiddies more than this one, for sure!

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