goodwill hunting

I had a recent discussion with Tonith last week about how style can cost you a pretty penny. The key word here is “CAN”. It seems like there are way too many people that limit themselves to the well-known chain stores that the mall says they should buy their clothes at. They feel like they have to have a particular label so that they appear stylish.

I heartily disagree with this sentiment. You don’t need to listen to those mall voices… you CAN look elsewhere to put clothes on your back.

As I write this, I am also recalling a blog entry by eric in which he went on a hesitant name-brand shopping spree. It’s alright to get nice things at the name-brand stores, it really is. As long as it is not an obsession.

Why do I rant about consumerism? I just got back from a trip to Goodwill. I freaking love the Goodwill down the street. It’s really well organized, and they keep it that way. Today, I bought a sweater, two skirts, a cell phone faceplate, a coupla pairs of pants for Iko, a shirt for Reb, and 2 cans of silly string for $40. And they’re all new or look like new. Can’t beat that.

I think that it’s funny that Tonith said that I am one of the most best-dressed, together-looking women she knows, and that she is a walking billboard for Goodwill. Little did she know I totally dig shopping there.

Plus, I get to save my money for more important things. Like, uh, an iPod. Yeah.

I just wanted to give the love to Goodwill. They rock.

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