180 to switch

The sorta-highly anticipated Tony Hawk Apple “Switch” ad is now up.

You can also read his written testimonial. A quote about his iPod:
“I’ve got the 10 gig, and I’ve got it engraved. It says, “Boom, boom, bling, bling.” Boom, Boom is a tour that we’re doing, and Bling, Bling is just bling, bling. It’s a hip hop thing.”

Although Hawk is not technically a switcher (he’s been a mac user for a long time), this ad does appeal to a really large audience. The music they use in these ads aren’t really complimentary to the skating footage, heh.

Check out the other new ads too. Kelly Slater (pro surfer) and DJ Q-Bert… as well as the “everday people” Gianni Jacklone (this ad in particular is pretty funny) and Richard Ziskin. As annoying as this ad campaign has become to some, it’s proven pretty successful for Apple, with “thousands” of switchers since the campaign began.

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