El Scorcho

Today wasn’t so bad. I’ve been feeling kinda stuck in a rut lately… being at home, not really doing much. Kinda my own fault, I guess. Allergies, hot weather, general tiredness… all kept me from really getting out there. So I promised myself that today I’d get out in the world, mostly because the weather was cooler today… ^_^

I got a late start, but I drove down to Uvas Canyon County Park in Morgan Hill, to try and find a couple of good geocaches. I ended up finding only one near the creek, and didn’t go after the others because I was getting killed by the mosquitoes. One flew right into my eye, and one up my nose… bleh! I couldn’t stand it.

It’s a really nice drive up to Uvas Canyon. Quite relaxing, I’d recommend it to anyone in the area looking for a weekend drive.

On my way back, I stopped to look for a birthday gift… didn’t quite find what I was looking for, but I ended up buying a coupla CD’s at Rasputin’s in Campbell. I had just heard some snippets of a band called Hot Hot Heat on today’s All Things Considered, and wanted to find their album. Score, it was $7.99. Gotta love it. Also picked up the album “Symphony of Enchanted Lands” by Rhapsody… just cos it’s so rock. It’s dangerous to try and find a birthday gift at places where you can easily spend a lot of money on your own inklings.

Anyhoo, I happened upon a lone Del Taco franchise on my way back home… Mish had told me the other day of its existence. These places are never heard of ’round these parts. So I thought I’d feed my curiousity and pick up some dinner… complete with Del Scorcho sauce. My day was complete. I guess.

And I’m Jello, baby.

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