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Dude. AppleCare rocks.

I sent my PowerBook in for repair yesterday, and it’s gonna arrive back tomorrow. They’ve fixed two issues that have been bothering me for months (though I was too lazy to send it in till now)… my internal speakers had no sound output, and I had a wiggy keyboard that input random characters when certain keys were pressed. They even asked me if I had any cosmetic imperfections that I wanted them to repair. Cool, cool, cool.

Everytime I deal with AppleCare support, they are so incredibly friendly, and I actually have conversations with the Customer Service reps.

I love being a Mac user.

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  1. it’s just kinda … broke. 🙁 the jack itself somehow got yanked loose from its connections inside. i guess i was a little too rough unplugging headphones over the years.

    wow … i’ve had this box for almost three years. and it’s not *too* far behind the times — it was one of the first AGP 450s. i guess i should be glad, but i guess it’s also sort of disappointing that Apple hasn’t made leaps and bounds in the G4 line.

    or maybe it’s just that i haven’t had a chance to play with a dual gigahertz G4 with those nice nVidia cards, so i don’t know what i’m missing … 🙂 and new ones will be out this month … i should reserve judgement. 🙂

  2. Hmm, I wonder if that’s what happened with my Ti. Just one day, it decided not to provide any output from the speakers… it seemed to think it always had something plugged into the headphone jack. It worked fine with speakers plugged into it, but forget it if was nekkid.

    Bigger, better, faster… those are the only reasons for you to upgrade, no? I bet if we didn’t obsess about the “one more thing” during MacWorld, we prolly wouldn’t care to upgrade our machines for many many years.

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