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So, I took my brother and cousin, both recently sixteen years old, to the Weezer concert last night. It was pretty good… for a large scale show. I forgot how much I don’t like these large concerts. Too many people, too far from the stage, too short of a set. Not really worth the twenty-five bucks, if you ask me. But we had fun, nonetheless.

As for the opening acts, I missed the first few songs of Sparta‘s set, but what I heard was pretty good. Dashboard Confessional was worth seeing… they played a good sampling of music, and even *gasp* something that’s on the radio, hee. I’m setting out to buy their CD soon.

Weezer’s pretty cool. I’ve always dug their music, and never saw them perform before. Heck, I’m so outta the loop, I haven’t even seen the majority of their videos… which, BTW, I found the audio & video archive at their site.

Again, this is where I profess my crush on another geek icon. Rivers Cuomo is pretty dang cute.

So I’m not the first girl to notice, heh.

I see a trend here. Courtney likes geeky guys. Not like that’s a surprise.

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