every flavor beans

The Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans are now available for purchase at the Jelly Belly website. To ensure you get all flavors, you have to buy the boxes as opposed to the bags.

Who has been adventurous enough to try the vomit, earwax and booger flavors? This bloke has.

a snippet:

“Want some earwax?” she asked.

What the hell, I am too far gone. I try the earwax, then the sardine, the spinach, and the black pepper. Why am I doing this?

“Are you ready for a booger?”

Yes, she had a booger-flavored jelly bean. With trepidation I swallowed it. Not bad.

“Only one more,” she says. “Vomit.”

eeewwwww! my brother has apparently tried a bunch of them, but “not the nasty ones”. hah!

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