Holy fook.

I am having an unusual case of heartburn. Unusual in the respect that I just don’t get cases of heartburn. Ugh. Hurts like hell, donnit?

I guess you can blame it on today’s activities. Let us recap.

We took a drive up to San Rafael to visit the Marin County Fair on its closing day. Before we got there, we stopped at Chevy’s in Greenbrae for lunch… Culprit number one. Chicken Fajitas and the obligatory chips n’ salsa. Mmm.

Culprit number two: Funnel Cakes. K had never had one, or so he says. We get one for laughs. Cinnamon Sugar.

Still full from lunch when we leave the fair at 6. We stop by A&W afterwards for liquid refreshment. Culprit number three: Root Beer.

I skip on the dinner plans for the kids… they get some BK close to home. We wait until around 9:30pm. Culprit number four: BBQ chicken leg. I heat one up for K to munch on for dinner. I pick off a few bites while I wait for my soup to heat up.

Culprit number five: Egg Drop Soup. I make a quick batch and foolishly burn my bottom lip and tongue on a hot spoonful. I eat about half a bowl of the stuff. I wasn’t all that hungry anyways.

Late night munchies kicking in. 2300 hours and counting. Culprit number six… we bake up a couple of Pillsbury choco chip cookies (ya know, the refrigerated dough kind) and down a glass of milk each.

All right, this was a bad day, food wise. This was not typical at all. Ugh. I’m gonna eat nothing but rabbit food for a while. Bleh. I need to go back to my old diet plan and lose this excess crap.

Hey, this makes the second food-related post in a row. Hmm, what does that tell me…?

Someone, please, kick my ass.

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