Wednesday Whimsy 19-06-02

Today’s Wednesday Whimsy: Death

1. What do you believe happens after death?
Things get dark. Really dark.
As you may know, although I was raised Catholic, I am not a religious person anymore. Religion has caused too much pain for too many people lately.

2. If, when you died, you were instantly transported to the moment in your life from which you would have done things differently, what would that moment be?
I try not to think that way… no regrets, y’know? I guess the standard answer would be that I always see room for self-improvement… wanting to take more classes, enrich my mind, encourage creative growth. It’s not too late for that.

3. Some say that when you die you remain in the place you were most connected to in life. What would that place be for you?
Probably as a young, carefree child, without the modern worries I have today.

4. Describe a recent dream.
I actually haven’t remember much of my dreams lately. I do vaguely remember, however, having a dream in which I was mad at K for some reason. In the waking world, he was giving me a hug, and I pushed him away since I was still in the dream state. Funny how these things happen… of course, I apologized when I was fully awake. 🙂

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