I am now officially wireless! w00t!

We had bought a couple of Linksys WAP11s at Fry’s a while back, and I couldn’t get the base one to do crap. After lots of toiling, I gave up for a spell and didn’t bother with it.

Until now. I looked at the box that I had opened and saw the stupid “Open Box” sticker on the front of the box. CRAP. That’s not what I needed to see. This dilemma has happened TWICE to K already in the past coupla weeks… and both items did not work when he plugged em in.

Darned Fry’s and their darned Open Box stickers. >.< So I opened the “NEW” box that was sitting unopened and plugged it into our Asante Friendlynet Router. Booyah! I saw the signal bar on the Airport Control Panel shoot up. Success!

Thanks to Chris, who helped me through all this stuff. Although, I did get myself out of it… 😉

Then again, he got me into this as well. Damn you, Chris. Damn you.

Now I can compute in bed, in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

Not like I will… *g*

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