Home Sweet Home

Although we didn’t go out today, save the Farmer’s Market for some fresh fruits and veggies (and not to mention kettle corn… yum!), we got a lot done.

Our moving in process kinda came to a halt these past couple of weeks, and we felt downright crappy about it. So we bore down today and got a lot of stuff done arouund the house. K finally finished laying down the tile in the kitchen (which we started *before* moving in, heh), and I started hanging up pictures and art. This house is definitely becoming more and more of a home.

The cat got to go out for the first time today, too. She was loving it. Sniffed everything in sight before deciding that the front porch was *her* spot, and plopped down in front of the door to guard the house. She’s a sweetie. At one point, she started crying through the screen door, so we ran to let her in. She wouldn’t come inside, and kept crying until we walked out of the door to just be with her outside. “Come be with me! Have fun with me outside!” she seemed to be mewing.

Oh, I forgot to write last night… the GeoPicnic was a blast. Great turnout, lovely weather, good food, good people. I was dead tired by 7pm, hence the lack of blogging.

Mmm. Cookies.

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