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  1. Courtney,

    Massively off topic, but my wife and I just got back from Oahu and Kauai to do family business (getting my father-in-law’s place ready for renters – don’t ask. It involves a demolition contractor) and thought about your entry on Italian charm bracelets. As I commented back then, my wife has one and she wore it to Hawaii. You should be amused to know that although they’re all over Oahu, nobody on Kauai had ever seen one. Every place we went JoAnn kept getting asked about it.

    Also, as a Hawaii ex-pat, you might want to share a bit about the upcoming Disney Lilo & Stitch movie with your friends. Specifically, it’s set on Kauai. Kinda cool. It’ll be neat to see if they reproduce any of the landmarks (I always have fun with that – in Six Days & Seven Nights, seeing Harrison Ford & Anne Heche stranded when you know there’s a Dairy Queen in sight of where they’re standing).

    – Kevin

    PS – I redesigned my site, swiping some inspiration from yours. If you get a minute, check out my shiny new domain:

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