Unplanned Hiatus

Oops. All the recent events have caused me to take an unintended break from blogging.

We’re scrambling to get things done before we move… rummage through the house for unwanted things to have a garage sale, researching our new home, etc. We even took a weekend trip to Maui last Friday that we planned 2 days prior.

Maui was wonderful. We had a very full weekend. We went from 10,000 feet at Haleakala, to snorkeling 2.5 miles off the shore at Molokini, a partially sunken crater which is also a marine and wildlife sanctuary. Highly recommended activities. We *were* going to ride bikes down Haleakala, but the company we booked the bike tour with cancelled the trip. So we drove up there at 3AM to catch sunrise. It is FREEZING up there! Luckily, we could drive down the volcano and enjoy the tropical weather. 🙂

We might get to the Big Island again… or at least try to. Last time we were there, it was on the heels of a huge storm that flooded the island and left us with hardly anywhere to go.


Last day at work tomorrow. I already got my first farewell lei this morning. I’m both saddened yet excited to see what’s ahead. My emotions are up and down.

Or maybe that’s just PMS. ^_^;;

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