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So, many of you have heard the news. Yep, Square Pictures is closing its doors on March 29th. This means K is looking for a new job, and it’s most likely going to be back on the mainland. I’ve spent almost two years on the island of Oahu, and K’s been here about three and a half years. Time to say Aloha to Kailua, but we’re not exactly sure when and where just yet. We need to get out butts out there and see there and see the rest of the islands, if we can, before we go. There’s just so much to do in the meantime.

Everyone at the office seems pretty bummed about the whole thing. Since I do the work of like 4 people (okay, I may be exaggerating), it’ll be hard to find someone to take my position. That, and I’ve made a lot of good friends here. Hey, anyone looking for a job in Hawaii for a large publishing company? 😀 And no, they won’t pay for relocation, so much for dreams.

We are most likely going to move somewhere around Southern California, since that’s where most of the prospective jobs are in the film biz. I’d really love to be living back in the Bay Area, and this possibility is not ruled out. I’m thinking I may not get another nine-to-five job unless it’s really really appealing and pays well. I am considering going back to school, and definitely looking into at least refining my skills and learning more in New Media. I am even considering culinary school, maybe learn to be a pastry chef since I have earned a love of cooking and baking. So maybe I’ll freelance design part or full time while trying to figure this out. So yeah, a lot on my mind… wish me luck!

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  1. Gee, sorry to hear ’bout the job thing. JoAnn (my wife) got hit back in November (resume here if anyone lurking out there is hiring VB/database developers). With cost of living, though, I agree that moving to the Bay from Hawaii won’t buy you anything economically (pun not completely intended).

    If you’re looking at So. Cal., you might check down San Diego way. I’m in Orange County myself and there are jobs around but rent/real estate is pretty steep (if you guys do land here, we’ll point you at all the good places to eat – *GRIN*). You should think hard about Sacramento, too. It would be near(er) your family, and JoAnn’s cousin just moved up there, saying jobs and land are easy to come by.

    You should also consider the other high tech regions – Atlanta, Colorado Springs, Virgina. Heck, if your Kevin is serious about movies, you guys might be better of in Toronto than California with the way we’re loosing productions here. Then again, the San Fernando Valley is the pornography capital of the world – movie and web jobs for you both!! (*GRIN*)

    If you don’t want to try the 9-5, have you looked into teaching part time? I used to teach extension courses at Cal State Fullerton and the pay was good (hourly rate was comparable to about 50K/year, assuming three prep hours per every lecture hour). If you’ve got experience in a specific field, they usually don’t care about degrees. I know CSUF is always hitting me up for names of prospective instructors. University level Extended education is very competitive out here, with so many universities always looking. You can’t work full time at it, but it’s a nice way to make a few bucks on the side.

    Well, pardon the ramble. Hope it all shakes out well for you.

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